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    Brand Mark Uses

    Increasing customer awareness of the MasterCard family of brands requires consistent presentation and communication.

    Increasing customer awareness of the MasterCard family of brands requires absolute consistency in the way several key elements—Brand Marks, cards, brand names, and correct language—are used in all product, service, and media applications.

    1. Using Our Brand Marks

      The MasterCard®, Maestro®, and Cirrus® Brand Marks must appear prominently and consistently—in the correct order, in match color when possible, and at size, color, and frequency parity with all other brands (with the exception of MasterCard POI locations in the U.S., where a specific regional standard that permits otherwise exists)*.

    2. Using Our Brand Marks with Other Marks

      When used with other brand marks, it is essential that the MasterCard, Maestro, and Cirrus Brand Marks appear at size, color, and frequency parity with those brands.

    3. Depicting Cards in Communications

      Actual or "mock-up" MasterCard cards must display the entire Brand Mark and at least must be at size, color, and frequency parity with other cards depicted.

    4. Using Our Brand Names

      The MasterCard, Maestro, and Cirrus brand names must be used prominently and consistently in all communications.

    5. Using Correct Language

      Consistent and correct language in communications reinforces customer awareness of the MasterCard branded programs and services.

    6. Using in Digital Wallets

      Specific standards are required when displaying MasterCard product brands in digital wallets and other mobile payment applications.

      View MasterCard Brand Mark Standards

    Avoiding Common Mistakes

    Consistent reproduction of the Brand Marks is vital for recognition. Common mistakes can compromise the integrity of our Brand Marks and reduce their impact among consumers. Do not use Brand Marks in place of Acceptance Marks when communicating acceptance, unless technical limitations require the use of either the grayscale, solid, or outline Brand Mark.

    View the Complete Standards

    The following PDF standards contain detailed information including but not limited to:

    • Elements of the mark
    • Color specifications
    • Minimum size requirements
    • Common mistakes
    • Brand Mark uses and more!

    Using our Brand Marks Using our Brand Marks with other marks Depicting cards in communications Using our brand names Using correct language Using in digital wallets

    NOTE: When using our marks to communicate acceptance
     at POI locations refer to Acceptance Mark Uses.